We provide environmentally conscious design, construction, and management services for an appreciation of Textile Process.

Kalahridhaan is where traditions meet technology. A beautiful amalgamation of creativity at operations, Kalahridhaan is a full-fledged textile dyeing & processing company standing tall in the Textile Industry for combined 40+ years. Nestled in the textile hub of Ahmedabad, Kalahridhaan produces up to 1.00 Lakhs metres per day, contributing to a large sector with a manufacturing space of 1,50,000 sq. Ft.

At Kalahridhaan, we re-invent the age-old processing of textile with a knit of trust and assurance of quality for the past two decades. While trust is the lifeblood of partnerships and has sustained and grown our ties with partners and devoted consumers, quality has been our brand's consistent companion. Kalahridhaan houses a complete plant, from dyeing to processing towards the edge of printing.

With a vision to make a mark globally with persistence and sustainability lying parallel. We intend on making the facility where the state-of-the-art technology and craft co-exists.


Kalahridhaan Trendz Limited, A leading Indian Textile Conglomerate is a fully integrated, global textile processing provider

With in-depth domain expertise in the field of textile, it has strong capabilities across the spectrum of the textile value chain. Kalahridhaan has earned a reputtion amongst indian textile companies for providing comprehensive and complete textile care solutions.

One of the salient features of kalahridhaan is its rich history and lineage. The origin of the company dates all the way back to previous decades. Adhering to its brand promise of being dedicated to textile in all its dimensions, Kalahridhaan continues to innovate with an unswering focus to address the unet textile needs. Simultanoeusly it rededicates itself to its mission of creating and providing excellence in processing textile nationwide


To embrace the authentic craft of textile dyeing & processing, embroidery and knitting on a global scale, fashioning comfort, quality and sustainability.


Kalahridhaan's mission is to expand new verticals of Textile production, reach new mounts & excel through the barriers of processing quantify determinedly.

Customer Centricity:

By being aware of our responsibilities, to take the necessary measures at the right time to provide the best service in the name of responding to all the expectations and needs of internal and external customers in the field of service by being customer-oriented.


We strive for comprehensive quality in our employees, processes and products following current market trends and globalization. Our team tends towards providing the best of the quality to the clients with the quantify assurance.


Our world-class technology creates solutions that result in efficiency and brings more value to our customers. Diversifying the machineries & adopting the future technology in the relevant field of textile process is always the motto of Kalahridhaan.

Team Spirit:

We ensure every goal is achieved, together with the team by our side, working consistently and efficiently. We feel that the company's continued operation demonstrates the discipline and honesty instilled since the beginning of work, and that is our genuine accomplishment.


Management gave it their all, and when we multiplied it by the finest in the world, we could give it to you. It is a result of company's dedication & management efforts, which embarked their steadfast commitment and unwavering teamwork.


We are committed to the rational and responsible use of resources, and the creation of fabrics that enhance the quality of life of society at large, while caring for the environment, achieving economic growth, and gaining competitiveness at Kalahridhaan.

Mr. Niranjan Agarwal

- Managing Director

Mr. Niranjan Agarwal, promoter and Managing Director of Kalahridhaan Trendz Limited is having experience of more than 40 years in textile industry. He was came to Ahmedabad in the year 1981 and started his carrier in textile industry as an employee in one of the leading textile group at that time in Ahmedabad. He had started his trading business of textile products in 1998.

In 2014, Mr. Niranjan Agarwal had started manufacturing of textile item having monopoly in market.

Mr. Aditya Niranjan Agarwal

- Managing Director

Mr. Aditya Agarwal is the son and one of the promoter and Whole time director of Kalahridhaan Trendz Limited. He has completed in Chemical Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad in 2015. He had joined business as the partner of Manish Garment in the year 2016.

He is having very good knowledge of textile chemicals and he is looking for manufacturing and designing department in the Company.

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