Achieving the weaving capacity of more than 1L+ Meter/Day in Printing & Dyeing Facility, Kalahridhaan is still accelerating its production to acheive the 2L+Meter/Day production in nearer future to contribute in Textie Industry.


Kalahridhaan offers almost the complete Range of Textile Wet Processing & Finishing Machines from Scouring and Bleaching to Dyeing & Printing to Finishing and Folding with the latest fully Automatic Control Instruments and for a variety of fabrics made of Natural and Synthetic Fibers, including Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Viscose, Silk and various type of fabrics like Woven, Knitted, Terry, Tubular Knitted Fabrics etc.


As a pioneer in developing a large variety of blends and shades, we are consistently catering to the ever-changing requirements of our clients. We have progressively emerged as a one-stop specialised fabric solutions provider for some of the most demanding market facing companies within India and the world.


Kalahridhaan has succeeded by maintaining swiftness with the changing demands of the local and global fashion trends, and primarily due to the company’s innovative approach in continuously developing newer products, using state-of-the-art-technology along with highly-skilled workforce, strong logistics, by being eternally quality conscious, and thereby Creating World-Class Fabrics.

These highly inventive fabrics are available in a wide range of Color, Texture and Comfort along with Contemporary Designs

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